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As we rise to the energy sector innovation challenge, experts and newcomers alike have great difficulty in accessing knowledge and finding the right people to contact. If you have access to this site, you are part of a growing network of partners to develop the new Energy Knowledge Exchange (EKX) – a free of charge service for innovators.

Our vision: access for innovators to energy knowledge without borders, by enabling web access to knowledge across the innovation spectrum, from academia to industry.

So what’s the problem? How the Energy Knowledge Exchange can help.

Through many consultations, energy innovators and SMEs told us there is great information already contained within many websites, databases and more… but getting access can be difficult and a tool which connects the dots for innovators would be better for all. “There are too many separate energy data Search tools. It would help if they worked together”.
We listened to the needs of innovators and began partnering with the separate providers to unlock resources by means of familiar EKX buttons and links across several energy knowledge sites, enabling you to swiftly navigate the relevant pages across multiple information sites, technical databases, helpful Q&A communities and collaboration and funding resources. We tested a widget for six months and then refined it based on feedback. We try to put user benefits first.

EKX is for anyone who wants to innovate energy from businesses of all sizes and sectors such as engineers, inventors, community energy leaders and strategists helping transform industries and supply chains to a clean intelligent energy system. This includes policy makers and regulators, financiers and research organisation and We want SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Investors, applied researchers and Engineers.

We’re an Energy Knowledge base. Can we add our Knowledge to EKX?

Yes you can. Organisations who want to offer free and easier access for SMEs and host resources that can help energy innovators, please contact us.

We are already working with:

  • UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) –
  • The Energy Networks Association – their portal:
  • The Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) –
  • The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) –
  • The IET – including their Engineering Communities:

We plan to add completed projects, data on outcomes and comparison resources.

You can make your energy publications and resources more discoverable and your organisation can benefit too:

  • Learn with us. Join the Catapult’s EKX Forum and access to our Phase1 reports;
  • Aid the project development and enable wider access to your resources;
  • See real progress: get statistics and analytics to show your resources are benefitting energy innovators and further improve access to knowledge.

Please encourage more energy knowledge owners to contact us:

If you want innovators to discover more of your knowledge, our Catapult team is here to make it easy to adopt EKX on your own website. You can also join other major providers who embed EKX on to thousands of energy webpages and project sites. We’re committed to working with you in partnership – If you haven’t already started getting visitors from EKX or if you want to use the EKX API on your site, please get in touch and take your place in the growing EKX community.

For more information on how you can take part in the upcoming rollout please contact the EKX project manager:

Our Current Partners

  • IMServ
  • Orsis
  • Hildebrand
  • Electralink
  • SMAP Energy
  • J-Teq
  • Tangent Energy Solutions
  • ZIV
  • Infinite Renewables
  • Zero Carbon World
  • Charge Your Car
  • Polar plus
  • Electric Blue
  • Engenie
  • Commercial Power
  • Centrica
  • Pearlstone
  • Limejump
  • Actility
  • Evergreen Energy
  • Evergreen Smart Power
  • Greenlots
  • Indra
  • Upside
  • CrowdCharge
  • DriveElectric
  • PeakGen
  • Grid Key-xx-nn
  • Digital Engineering
  • FaultCurrent
  • Neuville -xx-nn
  • Equiwatt
  • Qbots
  • Lean heat
  • VPS - Virtual Power Solutions
  • Switchee
  • Vestemi
  • Lightfi
  • Sunamp
  • SIG
  • Advizzo
  • Schneider Electric
  • Solo Energy
  • Local Energy Solutions - xx
  • Open Energi - xx
  • OnGen
  • Switchcraft
  • Look After My Bills
  • Nuvve
  • EO charging
  • E-carni
  • National Chargepoint Registry (NCR) - xx
  • ChargePlace Scotland
  • EV Box
  • Ohme
  • Zap Map
  • Arbnco
  • EverGreen
  • ON5 Group
  • Invinity
  • Energy Trading Ireland
  • Minus7
  • Sero
  • Hwenergy
  • Powerstar
  • Gilmond
  • Green Energy UK
  • Good Energy
  • Energy Performance of Buildings - xx
  • Cardiff Council - xx - nn
  • Passivhaus Trust - xx
  • Papers with Code - xx
  • - xx
  • Committee on Climate Change
  • UK Atomic Energy Authority
  • Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • Modernising Energy Data - xx
  • MIT
  • Federation of Small Businesses - xx - nn
  • London Government - xx
  • Electrical Engineering Portal
  • Strathprints -xx
  • Sandia DOE Global Energy Storage Database - xx
  • Thames Valley Vision - Your Energy Matters
  • Sustainable Product Engineering Centre for Innovative Functional Industrial Coatings
  • The Royal Society - xx
  • NMI - Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry
  • Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
  • Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders
  • ISO/IEC Standards
  • MyElectricAvenue - xx
  • Association for Public Sector Excellence
  • World Energy Council - xx
  • Energy Research Partnership
  • UK Power Networks
  • Solar Trade Association
  • Prifysgol Caerdydd - Cardiff University - xx
  • UK Data Archive - xx
  • UK Collaboratorium for Research in Infrastructure & Cities
  • Energy Research Accelerator
  • Advanced Propulsion Centre UK
  • International Renewable Energy Association
  • C40
  • Centre for Digital Built Britain
  • Regen
  • EU Energy Focus (H2020 bid support)
  • Enterprise Europe Network (UK) - xx - nn
  • NERC
  • University of Leeds
  • UK Carbon Capture & Storage Research Centre
  • Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government - xx
  • NICE - xx
  • Fuel Poverty & Energy Efficiency Group - xx
  • Centre for Sustainable Energy
  • Transport Systems Catapult
  • BBC News
  • Energy Live News
  • Realwire News Site - pp
  • Transport Environment Europe
  • Offshore Renewables Catapult
  • BeforeUdig linesearch
  • BSI Group - xx - nn
  • National Energy Action
  • Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
  • National Grid
  • Newcastle University - xx
  • National Centre for Energy Systems Integration - xx
  • UKRI
  • - pp
  • London Air Quality Network
  • EEE-Electricity Info
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • The National Archives
  • University of Manchester - xx
  • Manchester GC Business Growth Hub - xx
  • University of Keele and SENDemonstrator
  • University of Strathclyde - xx
  • University of Durham
  • E&T (IET#2)
  • UCL Bartlett - xx
  • IEA International Energy Agency - xx
  • European Commission and Horizon2020
  • Government - xx
  • General
  • Power Networks Demonstration Centre - xx
  • CIVIC - xx - nn
  • Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • Energy Technologies Institute - xx - nn
  • Knowledge Transfer Network
  • Innovate UK
  • UK Energy Research Centre - xx
  • Ofgem
  • Energy Innovation Centre - xx - nn
  • Institution of Engineering and Technology - xx - nn
  • University of Warwick Energy Group
  • Energy Networks Association - xx - nn
  • Energy Systems Catapult
  • Management Portal

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